The Prodigal Comes Home (2008) - CD

  • The Prodigal Comes Home (2008) - CD

The Prodigal Comes Home (2008) - CD

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This CD provides what is to date probably the most personal and revealing expression of Michael through his music that he has ever recorded. Each and every selection can most certainly be a glimpse into the man he has become and the journey that has taken him from victory to desolation and once again to victory through Christ Jesus. Michael dedicated the entire album to his beloved and treasured Aunt Linda who he recently lost. The song "Have a Little Faith in Me" is his tribute to his wife Marcie and this along with the rest of the CD goes beyond anything Michael has ever done in the recording studio. You will feel every note and experience every lyric through the power of Michael's incredible vocals. The Prodigal Son has come home indeed.


1. Sanctuary
2. Feels Like Redemption
3. Break Through
4. The Only Thing Good In Me
5. Don't Think I'm Not Thankful
6. Redeem Me
7. Time
8. A New Day
9. Have A Little Faith In Me
10. The Prodigal Son
11. Right Where You Are

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